Helping clients drive sustainable and meaningful change, our global team of 150+ experts is ready to serve. We help organizations create a culture of innovation in order to meet the stream of ever-increasing challenges. We can help you build a growth-enabled organization that conquers competitive threats, drives revenue, and attracts the best and brightest. Programs range from 1/2 workshops to fully immersive long-term engagements. We also offer executive coaching and Board representation to a limited number of clients.

Companies always say they want to grow, and they focus on the market to do that by setting aggressive sales goals.  However, our experience shows that delivering on those sales goals requires a fully growth enabled organization that has the right culture, leadership, model, and relevance to create new and untapped value in the market consistently over time.  To help, we use our diagnostics, methodologies, and thought leadership to help organizations accelerate growth by looking at all four areas and creating clarity and alignment to the strategic aspiration.

We do three things incredibly well:

1. We clarify what is needed to unlock growth – behaviorally throughout the organization – and unleash ambition.

2. We catalyze the organization to do the hard work that needs to be done across all four dimensions (culture, leadership, model, relevance) to deliver on growth by channeling energy and building focus and clarity around the behaviors / attitudes / structures to support the aspiration, and removing friction from the system.

3. We embed the ways of working / behaviors that are needed so that growth will continue over time – we alter the DNA of the organization to be continually oriented towards growth – by creating accountability and reinforcement.

If you’re interested in learning more, please contact Jordan Broad ([email protected] / 248-206-7065), CEO of The Institute for Applied Creativity to schedule an exploratory discussion.