Then vs. Now

It’s unlikely that you recently rode a buggy to work, made calls on a rotary phone, or listened to a cassette tape.  We all know that the world has changed dramatically over the last few years, and the rules of the game have fundamentally shifted forever.

Today, a whole new set of skills is needed in order to win in an era of fierce competition and mind-spinning complexity.  We now live an environment where relying on past models of success is irresponsibly dangerous.  Our current business climate has become faster than Italian racecars and spoiled actresses.

It’s important to zoom out to realize how different the landscape is and what is needed for today’s success.  Let’s take a look at winning…then vs. now:

Then Now
Big Fast
Obedience Original thinking
Status Quo Mold-breaking
Classic video games Classic video games
Japan Detroit
Left Brain Right Brain
Client/Server Cloud
Levis Luckys
Growing National Debt Gigantic National Debt
Steve Jobs Steve Jobs
9-5 24/7/365
Follow the rules Improvisation
Fear Possibility
Big banks Micro-loans
Baby Boom Social Boom
Control Empowerment
Jocks Nerds
Rigidity Complexity
Finite competition Pervasive competition
Madonna Lady GaGa
Calculated R&D Real-time innovation
Not enough information Too much information
Animal House The Hangover
Management Leadership
Politicians misbehaving Politicians misbehaving
Stifling bureaucracy Fluid culture
Top-down Bottom-up
The Information Age The Age of Creativity

You may think you’re executing a winning playbook, but if it’s last year’s (or decade’s) plan, it’s likely to fall flat.  Stop clinging to the past, and seize today.  The world has changed forever… have you?