Month: December 2012

What We Can Learn From Tragedy

Like so many around the word, the unspeakable events in Newtown, CT literally brought tears to my eyes.  Even as I write this, my gut is in a knot and my head is pounding like a snare drum.   How could something so unimaginable occur?  What kind of monster could commit such a heinous act?  And […]

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27 Lessons from 27 Years

Dan Gilbert is a busy guy.  He’s the founder and chairman of Quicken Loans, the largest online mortgage company in the world.  He’s the majority owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, owner of two casinos in Ohio, and primary investor in over 60 other companies.  He is leading a massive charge to revitalize Detroit, and has […]

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The Beauty of Forest Fires

There are few things in nature as powerful as the white-hot intensity of a forest fire.  Once they gain momentum, these vicious fires can consume hundreds of square miles, leaving behind a trail of destruction and scorched earth. Not exactly the symbol of beauty.  I doubt Van Gogh or Monet painted landscapes of charred land.  […]

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