Month: December 2014

Your Real Job Goes Far Beyond Your Role

It’s not my job. Four of the most poisonous words when strung together. As a customer, how many times have you heard this stinging phrase when seeking help? Think how utterly frustrated you become when the person at the pharmacy, cable company, doctor’s office, or government office absolves themselves of any responsibility to serve by […]

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Paying It Forward

Motorists recently enjoyed a friendly turn of fate in Lowell, Michigan. As drivers were pulled over by the police for small infractions (such as having tinted windows that were too dark), officers began a pleasant chat instead of grumpily issuing a citation. In conversation, the officers also asked what the drivers and their kids wanted […]

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186 Hours Wasted

Although we boarded early, my flight out of Detroit was delayed by 63 minutes. The weather was clear, there were no mechanical issues, and the crew was ready to roll. The cause of our tardy takeoff? A bureaucratic procedural glitch that required sign-off from airline headquarters. This completely avoidable issue impacted 177 travelers aboard our […]

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