Month: November 2016

How a 5 Minute Ritual Can Fuel Your Success

You wake up in a fog and brush your teeth while still half asleep. Dread fills you as you prepare for another soul-crushing day. As you sit in endless traffic, anxiety consumes your thoughts. You worry about that upcoming meeting and anticipate the disappointment on your son’s face when you’ll arrive late to his ballgame […]

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Symbols and Rituals

itualsIn the coastal town of Nanaimo, Canada, police are issuing tickets at an astonishing rate. The tickets are not recognizing the wrongdoing of rule breakers, however. Instead, “Positivity Tickets” are being issued to kids caught in the act of doing something good such as wearing a bike helmet, doing their homework, or crossing the street […]

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5 Personalities Your Company Needs

Typically, leaders build teams based on job title: CTO, CMO, VP of Engineering, Director of Sales. While functional leadership roles must certainly be filled, slotting talented people into an org chart will never unlock your company’s fullest potential. By thinking of your team only in terms of roles, you risk building a group with homogeneous […]

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