Month: December 2016

The Wonkavator

Willy Wonka: “Going up? This is an ingenious invention that I call the Wonkavator.” Grandpa Joe: “It looks like an elevator to me.” Willy Wonka: “Yes but elevators only go up. The Wonkavator goes up, down, sideways and every other which way you can think of going.” Charlie Bucket: “Wow.” When Willy Wonka and the […]

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Innovation out of Thin Air

Excited to arrive in Hong Kong, your enthusiasm quickly wanes. Your eyes and lungs burn from the smog, as air pollution levels have reached record highs in this cosmopolitan city. The dense haze lingers in the air as children crave to see a rare blue sky. First looking for fresh ways to market their goods, […]

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A Cunningly Creative Cannonball

Kevin Bull was facing the challenge of his life. A successful stock trader and entrepreneur, Bull trained hard and finally made it as a walk-on to pursue his dream: to compete on national TV as an American Ninja Warrior. The other contestants were more athletic, more experienced, and better prepared. The odds were simply not […]

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