Force Fields

Lasers pound their target with high velocity, but the starship remains unfazed.  A force field protects our heroes from the vicious attacks of evil intruders, allowing them the opportunity to save the universe from impending doom.

Force fields sure work great in Sci-Fi movies, but what about in reality?  The aircraft manufacturer Boeing was recently awarded a patent named a “method and system for shockwave attenuation via electromagnetic arc.”  Simply put, it creates a force field barrier to protect vehicles, buildings, and people from the damaging effects of shockwaves from nearby blasts in combat.  The Star Wars nuclear defense system provides a veritable force field of protection over the continental United States, while advanced armor companies are providing physical force fields to protect our soldiers in battle.

Force fields have evolved from fantasy to mainstream when protecting the physical, but what about protection of our emotional state? I’m not talking about shielding kids from ever having a sad moment, rather protecting our professional mindsets to foster creativity and impact.

Brain science shows that humans are most creative and productive when in an emotional safe zone.  When we have the freedom to express ourselves without crippling fear, our best work is brought to life.  On the other hand, we all know what happens to our creative output when we’re in a state of fear.  The threat of a verbal lashing from a cruel boss, job insecurity, or the fear of rejection can quickly restrict our best thinking and set our productivity back a country mile.

We certainly can’t eliminate irate customers, overbearing bosses, or abrasive colleagues.  But we do get to choose how we react.  The way you experience the daily slings and arrows is up to you: you can feel each one land with excruciating emotional pain, allowing the haters to poison both your mood and your work.  Or… you can build an emotional force field.

Imagine being safely cocooned inside an 18” thick ball of impenetrable blue energy.  As gossip or insults are flung your way, allow your force field to protect you from the vitriol.  When political pundits spew hate or when an adjacent driver flips you off, let your force field protect you from their venom.  To do this, imagine the protective coating as vividly as possible and then tie it to a cue.  It could be a song, color, phrase, image, or physical object.  If MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This” is your thing, start singing it to yourself to activate your force field when attacks manifest on the horizon.

While it may be easy to dismiss as touchy-feely, your best work and maximum results will only emerge if you protect your core.  Use the force field trick to insulate yourself from the rage of the world, and in turn you’ll bring your most creative power to life.

May the “force” be with you.