Month: March 2017

The Say-Do Ratio

Before I took the stage to deliver a keynote at a recent event, the CEO of my host company addressed the 1,200 distribution partners, employees, and customers in the audience. In his remarks, he reinforced his company’s commitment to having a positive integer for what he described as their Say-Do Ratio. If the ratio was […]

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How Dyson’s New Hair Blower is Blowing Up the Market

Your arm cramps as you hold your hot, loud hairdryer that blasts your mop top to a frizzy dryness. Same routine, just another day. The hair dryer has been pretty much the same for decades. You really don’t care which brand you use, as these commodities are all nearly identical. Enter James Dyson, the grandmaster […]

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There’s Nothing We Can Do

Lousy weather left the plane full of passengers stranded on a cold runway. Air Canada had to reroute the flight for safety, leaving passengers frustrated, late, and uncomfortable. As the plane languished on an open runway, passengers became restless… and hungry. The peanuts were gone and airline catering was closed. When demands for food intensified, […]

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