Month: June 2017

The Most Powerful Phrase to Boost your Company and Career

In our world of quick fixes and success hacks, there’s an old school approach that wins consistently. Think of it as the most potent high-octane formula to fuel your relationships, career trajectory, client satisfaction, investor relations, and company’s growth. A simple phrase that’s easy to say, but may require a mindset shift to fully embrace: […]

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What Kenyan Distance Runners Can Teach Us About Achievement

Why does one small tribe in Kenya – the Kalenjin – produce a statistically impossible percentage of the world’s fastest distance runners? According to David Epstein, Senior Editor at Sports Illustrated, “There are 17 American men in history who have run under 2:10 in the marathon, while there were 32 Kalenjin who did it in October of 2011.” This one […]

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Death by 1,000 Paper Cuts

We’ve all done it.  As you open an envelope or turn the pages of a magazine, the paper’s edge slices into your finger, causing you to wince with pain.  While not requiring emergency medical care, a nasty paper cut stings more than a trip to the dentist on Tax Day. Yet these small wounds, if […]

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