Month: November 2017

A 4-Step Formula to Create Freakishly Loyal Customers

We each have that one company we’ve hired that is absolutely fantastic. It may be your landscaper, favorite restaurant, retail store, airline, parts supplier or marketing firm. Think about that company for a minute, and you’ll start to smile. “They just get it,” you say to yourself. You’d never consider switching to a different provider, […]

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My Great Hotel Caper

Arriving at my hotel in Bowling Green, Kentucky after 1:00am, I couldn’t wait to get some rest. I’d been in six cities in the last three days, was running on way too little sleep, and had a 6:30am meeting the next day. So imagine my surprise when I entered the small, boutique hotel and found the front desk […]

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Two Ways to Kill Your Company

Heart disease and cancer are the top two causes of death for people living in the United States. Together, these killers account for almost 50% of all lost lives each year. Researchers, physicians, and scientists toil away at these two deadly foes, working diligently to find a cure and reduce their fatal impact.   Yet […]

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