Month: December 2017

31 Tips to Reach Your Next Level of Greatness

We’re all trying to reach that next level of greatness – in our careers, families, and communities. But in today’s hyper-competitive world, achievement isn’t such an easy thing. In an environment of dizzying speed and exponential complexity, how can we take our game to world-class? How can we reach our full potential? Having spent 27 […]

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The Ferris Bueller Trap

As individuals in the developed world, we each make around 30,000 decisions per day, according to fellow author and keynote speaker Michael Veltri. Ranging from small choices such as which hand to use when grabbing a napkin, to much larger ones such as how to draft a proposal to win that big new client, the choices […]

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The Quality Shared by Detroit, Finland, and the Best Entrepreneurs

In the first week of 1940, the Finnish Army remarkably advanced into Russia and seized territory while at the same time withstanding brutal attacks by their foe on other fronts. Extraordinary considering they were out-manned by nearly 20 to 1, had far less sophisticated equipment, and enjoyed only a fraction of the training. Their ability […]

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