Hacking Innovation

Hackers are a global fascination, with cybercrime representing our single biggest threat to national security. Their exploits are front-page news, and may have impacted the outcome of our recent election. But putting their sinister motives aside, the dark, underworld of hackers contains some of the most creative minds on the planet.

What if hacking approaches could be redirected for productive means? How can we harness the positive attributes of hacking to drive meaningful results in our companies, careers, and communities?

I’m delighted to announce the launch of my new book – HACKING INNOVATION: The New Growth Model from the Sinister World of Hackers. Over the past three years, I’ve studied how hackers think and act in other to provide a new framework for innovation, reinvention, and transformation.

To uncover these secrets, I immersed myself into the dangerous and clandestine world of hackers. I uncovered insights from ex-cons, secretive hacking societies, the FBI, and cyber-security giants. I also explored the caffeine-driven world of tech startups, revealing the stealthy practices that have launched tech founders into the rarified billionaires club.

The end result – the new book reveals the Five Core Mindsets and Ten Primary Tactics of hackers as the new model for complex problem solving, innovation, and growth.These fresh approaches enable leaders at all levels to topple their competition with stunning efficiency. Hacking Innovation translates the complex hacker philosophy into a simple, yet effective system for modern business success.

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I’m very proud of the work and believe it will be a powerful tool for you in your pursuit of the highest levels of success. I hope you enjoy it… HACK ON!