Month: March 2018

The Mark of a Professional

Visually, we can see the difference between grainy amateur photography and the vibrant work of a professional. There’s a big leap in skill and performance between a minor-league ballplayer and someone who makes it onto an MLB team. The same is true in business, where the true professionals capture the lion’s share of rewards while […]

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The 3 Big Lessons from the Collapse of Toys ‘R’ Us

“I don’t want to grow up, I’m a Toys ‘R’ Us Kid…” Remembering the first few bars of that catchy jingle brings me back to the dreamlike wonder of exploring what seemed liked endless aisles of enchanting toys. As kids, we were transported to a magical place, filled with possibility. It didn’t matter if you […]

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Signs of Creativity

When Texas realtor Ellis Young wasn’t getting any traction on one of his home listings, he changed the For Sale sign to include the phrase “NOT HAUNTED.”  Traffic immediately picked up, but some neighbors complained. Wanting to play nice with others, he then changed the sign to read “GLUTEN-FREE HOME.” As you can imagine, traffic increased […]

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