Month: June 2018

The “Do Different”

We’ve all been in business meetings that drone on endlessly, only to be followed with zero change, action or results. Silver-tongued bosses spouting platitudes rarely translates into meaningful transformation. In fact, many of us have become desensitized to big new ideas, because in our previous experiences, few concepts actually come to fruition. If you’re frustrated […]

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Your Second (and Most Important) Job

From Cabinet Maker to Cyber-Security Analyst, we each have the title on our business card. When asked what you do for a living at a cocktail party, the stock answer is your craft or profession. Lawyer, machine tool operator, insurance adjustor, or barista, we often identify with that primary title. Yet in this highly competitive […]

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The Three Levers of Productivity (#3 May Surprise You)

“Do more with less.” “Boost your productive output.” “Get more done, faster!” Messages around efficiency, productivity, and hard work are drilled into us from the first day of our careers. Today, these themes pound in our heads, originating from bosses, shareholders, suppliers, customers, colleagues, and family members. Most of us have internalized the demands, hearing […]

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