In our businesses, we have systematic approaches to just about everything – from filing an expense report to taking out the trash. Yet creativity, arguably the most important resource of all, is too often left to chance.

Creativity keynote speaker Josh Linkner helps leaders and organizations by providing a deliberate methodology to harness and build creative capacity. Based on his New York Times bestseller, Disciplined Dreaming: A Proven System to Drive Breakthrough Creativity – Josh delivers breathtaking keynotes, workshops, and training programs to the world’s most successful companies. Drawing on deep experience from starting, building, and selling five tech companies, performing as a professional jazz guitarist, and helping to launch over 100 startups, The Disciplined Dreaming approach has set the standard to unlocking creativity, imagination, and innovation.

It’s time to cultivate and develop creativity in your organization to solve difficult challenges and seize dramatic opportunities. Josh Linkner will help you find your spark, and help spark ideas, transformation, reinvention, disruption, and ultimately results.


Josh Linkner is on a mission to help organizations harness and deploy human creativity. He brings a diverse set of experiences to the stage - from celebrated tech startup CEO to professional level jazz guitarist; from bestselling author to venture capital investor. His jaw-dropping keynote performances will inspire and activate your next corporate meeting or event. Each handcrafted keynote on creativity and innovation is the ideal mix of entertainment, inspiration, humor, substance, and business takeaway value. In the end, your audience will be both fired up and armed for battle - ready to tackle challenges and seize opportunities in fresh, creative ways.