The Creativity Assessment

Every person is creative by design, yet many of us
haven't fully developed our creative potential

Let's find out exactly where you stand today so you can harness your natural ability to creatively soar.

We know you'll enjoy taking the Creativity Assessment, which was introduced in Josh Linkner's New York Times bestselling book Disciplined Dreaming: A Proven System to Drive Breakthrough Creativity. This simple quiz will give you visibility to your current creative state, and provide specific recommendations on how to up your game. In addition to powerful keynote speeches on creativity, innovation, startup thinking, and hyper-growth leadership, Josh Linkner provides a series of tools and methods to help you recapture your creative mojo.

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Regardless of your current score, you can grow your creative abilities dramatically. Josh Linkner, who has studied and practiced creativity, innovation, and disruption for nearly 30 years, is your coach to help you achieve creative victories. In addition to building his own tech companies, investing in dozens more, researching and writing extensively on human creativity, and playing jazz guitar at a professional level, Josh Linkner travels the globe, delivers inspiring keynotes on creativity, innovation, and transformation. His authentic, hilarious, engaging stage presence is coupled with deep knowledge and experience in the practical application of creativity.

Harnessing creativity is mission-critical for leaders today. Let Josh Linkner help you FIND YOUR SPARK.