The Power of Creativity

The most powerful and needed resource for business performance

As human beings, we’re hard-wired to be creative, yet many of us have let those skills atrophy.

Josh Linkner, the #1 most-booked creativity and innovation keynote speaker on the planet, helps organizations harness the transformative power of creativity, and imagination. He’s the secret weapon for many of the world’s most important organizations, helping them build and sustain a culture of innovation and creativity.

93% of CEO’s believe that cultivating innovation and creativity is a top priority, yet only 14% believe they currently have an adequate system in place to build and manage the creative capacity of their teams. Now more than ever, we must nurture and develop this powerful natural resource in order to meet the unprecedented challenges of the day.


Amazing things happen when leaders fully harness creativity and innovation throughout their entire organizations. In addition to product breakthroughs, creativity becomes a powerful weapon to:

  • BOOST RECRUITING + RETENTION. Attract and retain the most talented people who place value on organizations that prioritize innovation.
  • AMPLIFY EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT. Create the right mix of rituals and rewards to embrace an innovator's mindset.
  • DEVELOP CRITICAL SKILLS. Maximize human potential by applying a structured framework for creativity and innovation.
  • DRIVE GROWTH + EFFICIENCIES. Spur functional and transformative innovations that drive economic prosperity.
  • TRANSFORM THE CULTURE. Develop behaviors and attitudes that embrace growth and transformation through innovation.
  • INCREASE SHAREHOLDER VALUE. Organizations that systematically and proactively embrace innovation command a higher share price.
  • ELEVATE THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE. Improve your customer's experience with your products, services and processes through the application of your innovative culture.

In these fiercely competitive times, the question is no longer “can we afford to invest in innovation?” The real question… "can we afford not to?"