How Innovation Fuels Results

Organizations that embrace innovation
enjoy geometric results

Research shows that a 5% boost in an organization’s creative capacity can yield as much as a 50% boost in net income and shareholder value. In an era of dizzying speed, exponential complexity, and ruthless competition, harnessing innovation has become mission critical. Human creativity is the one natural resource that is free, renewable, and limitless. It is the one technology that can’t be outsourced or automated, and is our most important asset in driving sustainable success.

Many people think of the word “innovation” and conjure up images of people in lab coats inventing breakthrough products. In that context, however, most people in an organization may feel that the concept doesn’t apply to them. Throughout the years, Josh Linkner has coined the phrase “everyday innovation,” whereby the principles of innovation can be applied to the daily work of all people inside an organization. The mindset and problem-solving approaches of history-making innovators can be harnessed to boost results in marketing, human resources, operations, procurement, project management, sales, finance, and all other functional areas. When organizations unlock the creative capacity of all team members, they liberate progress and seize competitive advantage.

Organizations that fully build and manage creative capacity enjoy significant results:

  • Boost Recruiting & Retention
  • Develop Critical Problem-solving Skills
  • Drive Growth & Efficiencies
  • Transform the Culture
  • Amplify Employee Engagement
  • Increase Shareholder Value
  • Elevate the Customer Experience
Innovation headshot

Josh Linkner is an internationally recognized expert and keynote speaker on innovation, building innovative cultures, and harnessing human creativity for organizational results. He has advised senior leaders at a wide range of the most successful brands including: The Coca-Cola Company, GSK, Bose, Cisco, Raytheon, Starbucks, Honda, Chase, PwC, American Express, and Intel. Through his innovation enablement, invention, and consulting firm, Platypus Labs (Josh is Chairman and co-founder), he remains on the forefront of progress in the field of innovation.