The Creativity Assessment

As human beings, we are all creative. In fact, most of us have a huge reservoir of untapped creative capacity and potential. In the same way a scale shows a person’s weight at a single point of time, we invite you to take Josh Linkner’s proprietary Creativity Assessment, from his New York Times bestselling book, Disciplined Dreaming: A Proven System to Drive Breakthrough Creativity (2011). This quick quiz provides a snapshot of where you are today, along with some suggestions on how to boost your score of innovation, imagination, and harnessing applied creativity.

Don’t forget, your score is not fixed or static. We all have the ability to elevate our skills around innovation and creativity. When we prioritize new ideas and let our imaginations soar, meaningful results follow.

Josh Linkner is passionate about helping organizations and individuals seize their full creative potential and harness innovation. He’s delivered over 1000 inspiring and practical keynotes on innovation, creative leadership, and building innovative cultures. Drawing on two decades of research and practical application, combined with over 35 years in the study of jazz music, Josh combines an electric stage presence with concrete tools and vivid examples to move audiences to action. This approach has made Josh Linkner the most in-demand innovation keynote speaker.