Leadership Workshops and Programming

In addition to inspiring and actionable leadership keynotes, Josh Linkner and his team offer a full suite of leadership development programs to help elevate leaders and organizations:

Workshops: Ranging in duration from 1-3 days, these interactive workshops are designed to tackle specific business challenges while working to develop new leadership skills and innovative mindsets within the team. Facilitated by Josh Linkner and/or his team of professional Innovation Leadership Practitioners, workshops are often the perfect complement to an inspiring leadership keynote session.

Assessments: Getting a clear sense of where you are, what strengths and soft-spots exist, then crafting a customized approach to elevating leadership and innovation is a powerful first step. This assessment data can later be benchmarked with a future view, to clearly illustrate the progress made from our programs on innovative leadership.

Leadership Acceleration: Delivered over a 6-12 month period, leadership acceleration programs are a mix of original content and interactive coaching and support. Packages include weekly content (both written and video), monthly interactive webinars, and quarterly executive briefings for senior leadership. Often combined with a block of consulting hours, acceleration programs help foster a culture of innovation and elevate leaders through reinforcement and ongoing support.

Leadership Consulting: When a fully-customized approach is required, Josh Linkner and his team are ready to dive in to tackle a wide range of leadership challenges. From elevating a culture of innovation, to finding imaginative solutions to pressing challenges or new growth opportunities, the key principles shared in a leadership keynote session are expanded and deployed to drive optimal results. Far beyond a typical leadership keynote speaker, Josh Linkner and his team have decades of in-the-trenches experience to help you attack your biggest threats and opportunities.