Innovation, creativity, and imaginative growth too often take a backseat to the immediate transactional demands of the day. Josh Linkner, a leading expert on innovation, growth, and leadership, and the single highest-demand keynote speaker on innovation, has spent the last two decades harnessing and deploying creativity to drive meaningful business outcomes. His work has ranged from starting and selling five tech companies, launching a venture fund and investing in dozens of tech startups, wring three books on the topic, delivering keynotes around the globe, conducting extensive research, and consulting on innovation for the world leading organizations. He also plays a mean jazz guitar.

To keep your creative fire burning bright, here are some powerful nuggets of wisdom from some of the most innovative thinkers of all time:

If you’re looking for future inspiration, considering having Josh Linkner deliver an inspiring and actionable keynote on innovation or creative leadership at your next corporate meeting or event. From his 35-year experience as professional-level jazz guitarist to his startup success (Josh has founded, built, and sold five tech companies for a combined value of over $200 million), he’ll deliver a unique and powerful perspective to your audience. Not only will your group be moved and inspired by Josh’s energizing keynote, they’ll become transformed into business artists. Josh will share practical tools and techniques to arm your team for battle to innovate more, grow more, and win more.