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Creative Confidence is Not What You Think

We imagine a brilliant artist approaching their work with the masterpiece perfectly etched in their mind before a single brush stroke graces the canvas. Or a prolific musician with an idyllic melody already seared into their mind before playing a single note. Then, when we approach our own creative efforts, we often freeze up before […]

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How To Inject Artistry Into Your Work

When we think of an artist, we envision a tormented soul wearing a beret and a turtleneck, painting with oil on a canvas. Yet despite this stereotype, there are many other types of artists. In fact, you have the opportunity to be one yourself, regardless of your field or job title. Beyoncé is an incredible […]

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Lick the Screen

Steve Jobs famously said that he made the icons on the iPhone so beautiful, customers would want to “lick the screen.” By elevating a utility item (the phone) to a piece of art, history was made and cult-like loyalty was created. Reflecting on the “lick the screen” quote, I realize how he raised the stakes […]

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