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5 Leadership Lessons From The Beatles

Inspiration comes from unlikely places. For some, nature is a source of ideation. For others, family and friends can give a twist of insight into something unrelated to your actual discussion. For me, I constantly find nuggets of wisdom in music — sometimes in lyrics, sometimes in a pattern, and sometimes just in the way […]

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Propeller Heads or Windsor Knots?

What’s the secret ingredient to creating a successful company, organization, or initiative? Some may say it is technical wizardry and engineering. In other words, it must be those “propeller heads” who write code and watch “Star Trek” who create the magic. Others may argue it takes rigorous business chops — spreadsheets, discounted cash flow analysis, […]

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Your Band Doesn’t Need Five Drummers

Imagine if the Beatles had no Paul, John, or Ringo… just four Georges.  Their incredible contribution to the world – their timeless music – would be merely overlapping guitar solos and too many strumming chords.  Blah! A great band comes to life through the unique contribution of varying instruments, talents, and perspectives.  So why then […]

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