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Mental Kale

We’ve all heard the truism, “you are what you eat.” Clearly this applies to food intake and how our body composition is directly correlated. Eat fruit and veggies, have a healthy physique. Eat fried, processed foods, have a sick body. But what if we extended this common sense phrase to our mindset and performance? If […]

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Force Fields

Lasers pound their target with high velocity, but the starship remains unfazed.  A force field protects our heroes from the vicious attacks of evil intruders, allowing them the opportunity to save the universe from impending doom. Force fields sure work great in Sci-Fi movies, but what about in reality?  The aircraft manufacturer Boeing was recently […]

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The Weekly Roundup – June 12, 2010

How’s Your Health? Tackling a creative challenge or trying some new creative activity can help you stay healthy. Your emotional health benefits, of course, but so will your physical health. Here are some simple suggestions for creative activities that will keep you in the pink: http://tinyurl.com/dfug7w Sometimes, the little things make all the difference Game-changing […]

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