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You Can’t Hug Every Cat

This hilarious video has been viewed over 21 million times.  As a young lady records her first dating video for eHarmony, she gets a bit, well, distracted: As if that didn’t make you laugh hard enough, the Songify folks then made an even funnier auto-tune song from the video. That video has been viewed nearly 17 […]

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The 10X Factor

So you’re launching a new business.  Or pitching to a new potential client.  Or trying to snag that promotion.  What will it take to bring home the win in today’s hyper-competitive environment? You need to be better by a factor of ten. Breaking through inertia to disrupt the status quo can feel more daunting than […]

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Extra Turn of the Knob

There have been countless books written on getting ahead, habits of successful people, and forging solid relationships.  Each year, some new psycho-babble buzzword or slick management technique emerges to help success-starved individuals reach the next level. When you really boil it down, the most effective thing you can do is simply over-deliver.  That’s right, no […]

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