Probably JUST like you, I’m a strange mix of things

... A DAD AND HUSBAND (4 kids; hopelessly in love with my wife)

... AN INNOVATION EXPERT (studying human creativity for 30+ years)

... A TECH STARTUP LEADER (started, built, and sold five companies. Had plenty of failures, too)

... AN AUTHOR (three books on innovation, creativity and reinvention)

... A JAZZ GUITAR PLAYER (obsessed with playing complex and dangerous jazz classics. Been making mistakes for 40 years. Crazy, right?)

... A KEYNOTE SPEAKER (man, do I love inspiring audiences to action)

... AN INTENSE CAFFEINE JUNKIE (make mine a double)

... A VENTURE CAPITAL INVESTOR (invested in over 100 startups)

... A CREATIVE TROUBLEMAKER (sure is fun to break some rules, no?)

... A PIZZA LOVER (all kinds, but Detroit-style is the world’s best)


I started my first business in 1981 -- selling illegal fireworks to kids at my school. That didn't work out too well, although thankfully no fingers were lost. But since that thrilling moment of creating something out of nothing, I've been hooked.

I've been building and creating things ever since.

I've enjoyed some magnificent business wins, along with my share of crushing failures. Started and sold five companies. Hired nearly 10,000 people. Served on 83 corporate boards. Penned four books. Helped rebuild my hometown of Detroit (proudly born in the city, not the suburbs.)

I don't share this to be boastful; I have more flaws than I can count. (my wife Tia agrees, and is delivering a gigantic eye-roll of confirmation at this moment). The only reason I’ve had any success is by tapping into a superpower that we all share.

Human creativity.

Truth is, we’re all creative. That’s what makes us alive. And when cultivated, that powerful force can become a massive business advantage.

You can win big by tapping into your creativity. We all can. When we get creative, incredible things happen. Businesses grow. Families thrive. Communities flourish.

I hope we can team up to unleash creativity. Let's shatter conventional wisdom and defy traditions. Let's rethink what's possible.

Let's go blow up some fresh things, together.

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