The Weekly Roundup – April 16, 2010

Creative Intelligence – sometimes it is life or death

Creative approaches to tough problems show up in unexpected places. When the US Special Forces first parachuted into Afghanistan after 9/11, they found themselves adopting some unusual martial techniques to manage the terrain and gain respect in the eyes of the local people. They succeeded because they had been trained to find creative solutions to novel problems. Read the full story here:

There’s more to innovation than good ideas

It’s not enough to come up with a good idea, especially if you’re the CEO. Sometimes, all you get is an “Air Sandwich.” At Autodesk, the CEO came up with six good ideas, and they all failed. Here’s why:

Seth Godin Says Ideas That Spread, Win

Seth Godin likes to tell the story of the inventor of sliced bread. Apparently, it failed – for 17 years – until someone else figured out how to market it. That someone was Wonder Bread. See the full story here – and make sure you read the first comment for a different perspective:

The Improv Encyclopedia

This may be the coolest encyclopedia ever. It’s stuffed with ice-breakers, creativity games, and exercises designed to increase your team’s creativity. Use the on-line version as a resource, or download it and keep it all to yourself: