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Through a breakthrough innovation framework, every problem can be solved, every opportunity seized.

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In today’s fiercely competitive global marketplace, the most important resource any business has is the creative thinking of its people.

Josh Linkner lays out a roadmap that guides individuals, teams, and companies to higher levels of creativity. It is a journey that leads to better ideas and breakthrough thinking.”


Executive Chairman, Ford Motor Company

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Every day, I meet leaders exhausted from responding to near-constant disruption and competition while fighting to deliver consistent results. Like you, they are looking to Find A Way to…

thrive (not just survive) through uncertainty and volatility.

drive growth, relevance, and innovation without losing big on risky bets.

topple challenges of all sizes, from pesky annoyances to existential threats.

create high-performing cultures that fuel engagement and success.

Billion-dollar moonshots aren't the answer. Neither are hustle and grit, which only lead to burnout.


There's a better way.


Hi, I'm Josh.

At age 13, I played my first gig in a smoky Detroit jazz club. I've been improvising, stumbling, learning, and creating ever since.

Since then, I’ve gone on to start, build and sell five tech companies, become a New York Times bestselling author, create over 10,000 jobs, help launch over 100 startups, create over $1 billion of investor returns, and spread the message of everyday innovation to over two million people.

These accomplishments directly result from a surprisingly simple system I developed, a framework that can also help you win at the highest levels. And it doesn't require a Navy SEAL's mental toughness or a prizefighter's grit.

Instead, we can use ingenuity—a superpower each one of us already has—to find solutions to any problem or opportunity.

Agility, not brute force.

Creativity, not hustle.

Improvisation, not perfect planning.

Using my simple, accessible approach, I help everyday people innovate in their everyday work, tackling tough challenges and seizing transformational opportunities without the typical burnout or risk.

Today, I’m on a mission to help leaders and teams Find A Way to the outcomes they crave: growth, innovation, competitive advantage, deeper engagement, and predictable results.


Here's a sneak peek into how this works…

And here's the transformation you'll experience at every level.

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Teams & Individuals

Using Find A Way™ principles, everyday people become everyday innovators, driving engagement, productivity, and retention while gaining meaning and fulfillment.

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Leaders become more effective when they expand the creative capacity of their teams, enjoying new levels of achievement while expanding their leadership impact.

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Organizations that develop a culture of innovation gain significant competitive advantage, fueling sustainable growth and shareholder value.

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Building a culture of innovation is critically important.

There’s no better way to learn than with a trusted roadmap of tools and real-life examples. Josh Linkner illustrates how innovative thinking is possible for every employee and business leader, so we can all unlock our full creative potential.”

Cardinal Health

CEO, Cardinal Health

Book 2 - Big Little Breakthroughs-min

How Small, Everyday Innovations Drive Oversized Results

  • A proven approach to unlocking your ingenuity, creativity & excellence
  • Helping everyday people become everyday innovators
  • New York Times bestseller

Learn the proven approach to unlocking your own ingenuity and creativity so you can innovate a better company, career, and life.

Book 1 - Disciplined Dreaming-min

A Proven System to Drive Breakthrough Creativity

  • Demystify creativity through a 5-step transformative process
  • Strike the balance between imagination and business rigor
  • New York Times bestseller

Disciplined Dreaming will boost your creative capacity to enjoy a sustainable competitive advantage in turbulent times.

Book 2 - The Road to Reinvention-min

How to Drive Disruption and Accelerate Transformation

  • A proven approach for continuous reinvention across six key dimensions
  • Step-by-step techniques for creating deliberate disruption
  • New York Times bestseller

The most successful brands & people invest in purposeful transformation. The Road to Reinvention lays out a systematic approach so you can disrupt versus being disrupted.

Book 2 - Hacking Innovation-min

The New Growth Model from the Sinister World of Hackers

  • Josh cracks the code to show a simple system for growth and transformation
  • Real-life examples from ex-cons, the FBI, cyber security giants, and startups
  • Five Core Mindsets and Ten Primary Tactics for innovation and growth

Explore fresh approaches that enable you to harness the positive attributes of hacking to drive meaningful outcomes in your companies, careers, and communities.