Keynote Overview

The Innovative Leader

A modern framework to lead with confidence
in the face of uncertainty and change

Josh Linkner delivering his leadership keynote to an enraptured crowd

Become an unstoppable force by unlocking ingenuity in yourself and your team, gaining confidence and boosting results in times of dramatic uncertainty and disruption. Elevate your capacity to lead and win in volatile times.

Keynote Description

The business you're running today isn't the business you'll be running next year. In this moment of volatility and uncertainty, we are being called to lead in a radically different way… more decisive, creative, and adaptable. So how can we use this defining moment to ensure relevancy, sustainability, and success in the future?

In this inspiring and practical keynote, battle-tested CEO, venture capital investor, and leadership expert Josh Linkner delivers a modern and accessible framework to help leaders thrive in the face of uncertainty and leverage their skills to move into uncharted territory with confidence.

You’ll learn how to unlock inventive thinking, creative problem-solving, and ingenuity in every box of the org chart. The most successful leaders today help everyday people become "everyday innovators." They make sure that innovation is an everyday business.

This can’t-miss session goes way beyond the future of work. This is the future of growth, the future of relevancy, the future of leadership, and the future of success.

Outcomes & Experiences

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This Keynote Serves Leaders & Teams Who Are:

  • Being called to lead in a bold, new way.
  • Overwhelmed with the demands of modern leadership.
  • Craving a more innovative approach to drive explosive growth, gain competitive advantage, and get more from their teams.
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The Audience Will Leave With:

  • A modern framework for innovative leadership.
  • Insights from some of the world’s most prolific leaders.
  • A behind-the-scenes view of legendary business disruption.
  • Strategies to drive growth, engagement, and success amid change and uncertainty.
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Suggested Event Formats

While Josh carefully customizes this keynote for every event type, The Innovative Leader has proven to be highly effective in the following formats:

  • Strategy kick-offs
  • R&D meetings
  • Sales kick-offs
  • Client events
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