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Generative AI

Generative AI is not just a tool; it's a game-changer in the realm of creative content production. By embracing these technologies, companies can significantly accelerate their content creation processes, unlocking new realms of creativity and innovation.

This isn't merely about keeping up with the competition—it's about leading the charge and setting new industry standards. However, companies that overlook this opportunity risk not just falling behind but missing out on the transformational benefits that generative AI offers in terms of efficiency and innovation.


AI Ethics and Governance

In the world of AI, ethics isn't just a nice-to-have; it's a must-have. As AI becomes woven into the fabric of business, transparent and fair practices are not only about compliance but also about building enduring trust with customers and stakeholders.

This commitment to ethical AI can be a differentiator, propelling companies forward with integrity and innovation. Yet, those who neglect this critical aspect risk facing regulatory penalties, damaging their reputation, and eroding the very trust that sustains long-term success.

AI and Synthetic Biology

AI's integration with synthetic biology is unlocking groundbreaking advances in medicine, agriculture, and environmental science. By applying AI to genetic engineering and biomolecular research, scientists and companies are accelerating drug discovery, crop improvement, and even the development of biofuels.

This is a frontier of innovation that promises to reshape our world. Organizations that invest in this convergence stand to lead in creating sustainable and health-focused solutions. Conversely, those that overlook it risk falling behind in one of the most promising areas of modern science and technology.

AI-powered Automation

AI-powered automation is redefining the landscape of work, turning routine tasks into opportunities for strategic innovation. By embracing AI in automation, companies can unlock productivity and streamline their operations in ways previously unimagined.

This shift is about seizing opportunities for growth and efficiency. Conversely, businesses that overlook AI automation are not just missing a trend; they're relinquishing opportunities to redefine their competitive edge and operational excellence.

AI and IoT

The convergence of AI and IoT is creating, smarter, more connected environments—from homes and cities to industries. Businesses that harness this synergy can transform their operations and customer experiences. Conversely, those who overlook this trend risk missing out on key efficiencies and innovations that could redefine their market presence and operational success.

 This approach not only addresses the complexity and fragmentation in healthcare but also embodies a profound rethinking of the system. It's a move towards a model that prioritizes efficiency and patient-centric care, reflecting a deeper understanding of how innovation, grounded in human needs, can reshape an industry.

Hi, I'm Josh.

Josh Linkner — a New York Times bestselling author — is a rare blend of business, art, and science.

On the business front, he’s been the founder and CEO of five tech companies, which created over 10,000 jobs and sold for a combined value of over $200 million.

He’s the co-founder and Managing Partner of Muditā Venture Partners - an early-stage venture capital firm investing in groundbreaking technologies. Over the last 30 years, he’s helped over 100 startups launch and scale, creating over $1 billion in investor returns. He’s twice been named the EY Entrepreneur of The Year and is the recipient of the United States Presidential Champion of Change Award.

Josh has been a technology pioneer for over 30 years. He founded, launched, and sold five groundbreaking tech businesses that leveraged cutting-edge innovation to gain a competitive advantage. Today, Josh remains at the forefront of tech transformation, running a venture capital firm and innovation studio focusing on the next generation of AI disruption.

While proud of his business success, his roots are in the dangerous world of jazz music. He’s been playing guitar in smoky jazz clubs for 40 years, studied at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, and has performed over 1000 concerts around the world.

His experiences in both business and music led him to become one of the world’s foremost experts on innovation. Josh is the co-founder and Chairman of Platypus Labs, a global research, training, and consulting firm. Today, he’s on a mission to help leaders Find A Way™ through creative problem-solving, inventive thinking, and ingenuity.

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Find A WayTM

Every problem can be solved, and every opportunity can be seized. Through a proven innovative framework, you'll discover new paths to explosive growth, competitive advantage, and sustainable results.

Expand organization-wide capability for creative problem-solving and inventive thinking.

Big Little BreakthroughsTM

Instead of high-risk moonshots, the most innovative leaders cultivate a high volume of ‘micro-innovations’ and build a culture of everyday innovation.

Gain the tools to become an everyday innovator.

The Music of Business

What business leaders can learn about agility, collaboration, creativity, and performance under pressure from the mysterious world of jazz.

Inject artistry and agility into your business through an unforgettable, interactive experience.

*Please note this topic requires additional talent + gear.  Accordingly, additional costs apply.

The Innovative Leader

Become an unstoppable force by unlocking your and your team's ingenuity, gaining confidence, and boosting results in times of dramatic uncertainty and disruption.

Elevate your capacity to lead and win in volatile times.

Disciplined DreamingTM

A proven system for driving breakthrough creativity. Learn how to balance raw imagination with business rigor to achieve profound and predictable results.

Boost creativity and rigor simultaneously to achieve better outcomes.

Rethink. Reboot.

The business you’ll be running in five years will be dramatically different than today. Unlock the definitive playbook on reinvention, relevancy, and sustainable success.

Gain the confidence to venture into the unknown and thrive, no matter what the future brings.

Innovation in the Age of AI

A modern framework to unlock sustained profitable growth at the intersection of technology and human creativity.

Josh shows you how the path forward involves integrating human creativity with artificial intelligence to thrive amidst uncertainty, rapid change, and disruption.

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