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Innovation in the Age of AI

A modern framework to unlock sustained profitable growth at the intersection of technology and human creativity.

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With the most significant technology revolution in decades fully underway, the route to growth, competitive advantage, and enterprise value has fundamentally changed. The path forward involves integrating human creativity with artificial intelligence to thrive amidst uncertainty, rapid change, and disruption.

Keynote Description

In an era where artificial intelligence is not just a tool but a transformative force, Josh Linkner invites you on a thought-provoking journey into unlocking the synergies between AI and human potential for next-gen engagement, growth, and profitability.

Josh Linkner, a prolific tech CEO, venture capital investor, and innovation expert, has been a technology pioneer for over 30 years. He founded, launched, and sold five groundbreaking tech businesses that leveraged cutting-edge innovation to gain a competitive advantage. Today, Josh remains at the forefront of tech transformation, running a venture capital firm and innovation studio focusing on the next generation of AI disruption.

In this mind-opening keynote, Josh shows leaders a new model where human creativity and AI fuse together to win during relentless waves of disruption and change. Through groundbreaking research, compelling stories, and unexpected insights, this keynote illuminates the path forward as AI reshapes nearly every dimension of business and life.

What you’ll discover:

  • The Human Edge. Learn about the unique human skills that AI cannot replicate – creativity, empathy, and intuition - and how cultivating these skills can give you an irreplaceable edge in the AI-driven world.
  • Creative Disruption. Learn how to use AI as a springboard for creative disruption, turning challenges into opportunities and ideas into revolutions.
  • The Power of Unconventional Thinking. Discover new techniques to foster nontraditional thinking and break free from established and new digital competitors.
  • Ethical Imagination. Explore the ethical dimensions of AI innovation and the responsibility of creators to imagine and steer technology toward outcomes that uplift humanity and protect our values.
  • The Myths of Creativity in the AI Era. Uncover the common myths surrounding creativity and AI and explore how rethinking these myths can lead to breakthrough innovations.

Outcomes & Experiences

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This Keynote Serves Leaders & Teams Who Are:

  • Seeking a new synergistic way where AI and human potential.
  • Feeling overwhelmed and unprepared by the rapid change from AI-powered transformation.
  • Looking for a playbook that mitigates risk and maximizes opportunities in this new wave of disruption.
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The Audience Will Leave With:

  • An elevated understanding of the changes AI will bring and what to do right now to adapt and prepare. 
  • A leadership model to embrace the AI revolution instead of fearing it.
  • Strategies to fuse human creativity with AI to gain competitive advantage and drive profitable growth.
  • Mindsets and tactics to boost relevance, agility, and adaptability.
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Suggested Event Formats

While Josh carefully customizes this keynote for every event type, Innovation in the Age of AI is especially effective in the following settings:

  • Senior leadership meetings
  • Strategy kick-offs
  • Client events
  • All-team meetings
  • Association conventions
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