“To win the future, innovation must be an everyday business.”

Josh Linkner
Chairman and Co-Founder, Platypus Labs

Too often, we see a persistent problem that stalls organizational growth: while innovation remains a mandate in the boardroom, it rarely translates into a movement on the front line.

In 2009,
Josh Linkner Founded Platypus Labs

an innovation research, consulting and training company, to help leaders keep up with the pace of innovation.

Every day we meet leaders that are challenged with creating buy-in, frustrated from being stuck in unproductive innovation cycles, and disappointed with the outcomes despite millions invested.

Facing increasing competition, volatility, and change, it’s easy to freeze up. But lacking a deliberate plan to cultivate company-wide innovation predictably leads to stalled growth, squandered competitive advantage, low morale & engagement, and depleted shareholder value.

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“Josh Linkner has helped us reignite innovation and unlock new business value.”

Chief Innovation Officer and Global CTO
The Coca-Cola Company


At Platypus Labs,

we help leaders activate innovation across their entire organization.

With nearly two decades of experience across 500+ organizations, we’ve developed a proven playbook to nurture inventive thinking and creative problem-solving in every box on the org chart—making innovation a part of your DNA from the grassroots to the C-suite.

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“A comprehensive framework for reinvention
and operational innovation.”

Former CEO, Chrysler Group


…to help our clients master proven strategies that unlock dormant creative capacity to gain competitive advantage and maximize enterprise value.

…to help leaders discover new possibilities, gain creative confidence, and thrive in times of volatility and disruption.

…to help everyday people become everyday innovators, making innovation an everyday business.

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No business can afford to pause for a moment from the headlong drive to meet new challenges to the status quo.

The speed of invention is threatening traditional products and services, already relegating some to history. Josh Linkner reminds us that to reinvent the workplace, we have to be reinventing ourselves as leaders continually.”


Chief Innovation Officer, Citibank

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Helped our organization think more innovatively and up-tier our talent.

From the outset, Platypus Labs has surpassed our expectations, inspiring us to think bigger, keep pushing boundaries, and come back with new solutions.”


Managing Director, Financial Solutions Group
CIBC Capital Markets

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Inspire Everyday Innovation Mindsets & Movements

Curated keynotes and workshops to spark a mindset and movement of everyday innovation for every box on your org chart.

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Activate Org-Wide Innovation-at-Scale

Guide leaders and teams through a proven framework to activate everyday innovation behaviors & outcomes.

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Amplify & Strengthen Innovative Cultures

Through ongoing micro-learnings and as-needed support, scale and strengthen your innovation capabilities and resilience.

To learn more and explore a collaboration, please visit PlatypusLabs.com.