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Find A WayTM

Through a proven innovative framework, every problem is figureoutable. And every opportunity can be seized.

Josh Linkner on a circular stage in a large auditorium delivering his Find a Way keynote

Every problem can be solved and every opportunity can be seized. Through a proven innovative framework, you'll discover new paths to explosive growth, competitive advantage, and sustainable results. Expand organization-wide capability for creative problem-solving and inventive thinking.

Keynote Description

As we enter a new era of business, 50% of leaders in the United States have lost confidence in their ability to make decisions in the face of uncertainty. The level of disruption, technology threats, and uncertainty can be paralyzing. We are in a leadership crisis and must embrace a new model to meet the day's challenges.

Prolific entrepreneur, venture capital investor, and innovation expert Josh Linkner helps you Find A Way™ through his proven 5-step framework for cultivating full-organization ingenuity. Whatever outcomes you crave the mostfrom sales growth to competitive advantage to employee engagementyou'll walk away with specific tools to drive sustainable success.

The Find a Way™ framework prioritizes agility over brute force, creativity over hustle, and improvisation over perfect planning. Leaders who embrace the model are inspired and better equipped. They feel confident to move forward into the darkness and have a newfound capacity to win consistently, no matter the circumstances.

Outcomes & Experiences

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This Keynote Serves Leaders & Teams Who Are:

  • Facing uncertainty and volatility.
  • Seeking better ways to drive the outcomes they crave the most.
  • Struggling to keep up with the pace of change.
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The Audience Will Leave With:

  • A proven model for harnessing ingenuity to solve any problem and seize any opportunity.
  • Innovative strategies to drive better results every day.
  • The confidence to walk into the unknown.
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Suggested Event Formats

While Josh carefully customizes this keynote for every event type, Find A Way™  has proven to be highly effective in the following formats:

  • Strategy kick-offs
  • R&D meetings
  • Innovation recognition programs
  • Sales kick-offs
  • Client events


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