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Keynotes that spark a mindset & movement of everyday creativity, agility & resilience for every box on your org chart from innovation keynote speaker Josh Linkner.

Top Automotive and Manufacturing Keynote Speaker

Selecting the perfect keynote speaker for your upcoming automotive or manufacturing event is an important decision.

Entrepreneur, hyper-growth leader, and bestselling author Josh Linkner will bring your event to life with his extensive experience and unique perspective in automotive and manufacturing.

As a native Detroiter, automotive and manufacturing has been in Josh’s blood since childhood. His grandfather was a lifelong GM executive, and he has deep roots in the automotive sector, growing up with suppliers, partners, dealers, and distributors as close friends. Throughout his career as a tech entrepreneur and keynote speaker, he’s worked with some of the biggest brands in automotive and manufacturing including: Ford Motor Company, Visteon, US Steel, General Motors, Chrysler, Daimler Benz, Mazda, Nissan, Lear Corporation, GE, Steelcase, Automotive Fleet and Leasing Association, Faurecia, and Toyota.

In addition, Linkner has delivered energizing keynotes to many manufacturing and automotive association conferences, dealer groups and industry events, as well as global suppliers and smaller manufacturers alike.

The automotive and manufacturing sectors are in the midst of massive change and transformation. During these challenging, complex, and highly competitive times, proactive reinvention and creative disruption are critical to sustainable success. Josh Linkner contributes deep industry experience combined with extensive research in the field.

Having worked with some of the top auto brands and manufacturers in the world, he has unique perspective and understands the full value-chain – from raw materials and supply chain, to marketing and distribution, to talent acquisition and culture.


Josh Linkner has helped millions of people become everyday innovators at leading companies.

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Amazing, energizing, entertaining, humorous, and actionable learnings, things we can do right away. Josh created just the right finish and exclamation point in our program.”

Josh Linkner lays out a roadmap that guides individuals, teams, and companies to higher levels of creativity. It is a journey that leads to better ideas and breakthrough thinking.”


Managing Director, Intel Security

5 Ways Josh Turns Your Event Up To “11”


Sparks a mindset & movement.

His authentic, relatable, research-backed content - with real-world case studies and a high-energy delivery - will inspire your audience to uncover and activate new opportunities every day.


Moves your team into action.

Your audience will not only be energized, motivated, and inspired, they’ll become better equipped with specific tools, frameworks, and techniques to drive meaningful results in the months and years ahead.


Handcrafted, not canned.

Josh takes the time to listen deeply before custom-building a keynote experience just for you. This ensures that every minute is on-point, relevant, and targeted to your unique challenges and opportunities.


Real and accessible.

Josh applies Find A Way™ principles in his everyday work as a leader, venture capitalist, musician, and author. Leaders inspired by his keynote often reach out to him for help finding a way in their everyday work.

speaking - 5

Impact - 11, Drama - 0.

Coming from a place of humility and service, Josh believes that a great keynote is about the audience, not the speaker. Meeting professionals often call Josh one of the best keynote speakers to work with.