The Weekly Roundup – April 30, 2010

Your mind has hidden superpowers!

What does the power of placebo pills have to do with realizing your dreams? Both depend on your mind. Your mind can take a sugar pill and cure cancer. And it can take an idea – say, a personal computer in everyone’s home – and make it a reality. It just takes belief – and action:

Brilliantly creative healthcare advertising

Sometimes it seems like the only news coming out of healthcare is bad. It’s all about complexity, cost, and, well, screwups. But there are some areas of healthcare that are pacing the rest of the world economy, and advertising is one of them. These ads will frighten, laugh, and surprise you into good health.

Brainstorming made easy

Having a hard time coming up with some new ideas? John Michel has made it easy for you with this idea-generating pinwheel. Just press the button, and a new idea comes up – and it’s absolutely free.

Even a contact lens?

People often use the excuse that their field is not a very creative one. That just means that it’s time for creative people to get to work! In this case, if you thought innovation was over with in the contact lens field, think again. Here’s something you have never seen before: