The Weekly Roundup – May 21, 2010

Chimps are to humans as humans are to ______ ?

Dr. Neil Tyson, the brilliant director of New York City’s Natural History Museum, speculates on what extra-terrestrials would be like if they were as much smarter than us as we are than chimps. It’s a very clever and fascinating speculation….

What’s the most innovative company in the world?

IBM has long held the title of the most innovative company in the world, because it turns out the most patents. But if you measure the quality of the patents, another company – in fact, several other companies – beat IBM. Which ones are they?

How much is creativity worth?

The answer turns out to be 500 % if you’re two very clever kids selling a BMX bike, in one of the funniest marketing videos in a long time.

Does size matter in innovation?

We think of the IBMs of the world the chief source of innovation, but a quick tour of the latest Consumer Electronic Show demonstrates that innovation can come from unexpected places.