5 Ways to Get Back Your Mojo

Detroit has seen its share of setbacks, but to me there’s one loss that’s most troubling.  It’s one thing to lose a sports rivalry or even endure a massive sea change in manufacturing that resulted in a throbbing economic hangover.  But worse, many Detroiters have lost their spirit and confidence.  That very sense of purpose that makes us who we are.

Throughout history, underdogs have bootstrapped their way to the top despite overwhelming odds.  In every case, it was a hefty dose of unwavering belief and determination that led each hero up the mountain.  As we seek to write the ultimate comeback story, we need to regain our swagger.  Here are five things you can do to get back in the game:

1.  Shed the Past – You cant do a thing about what’s already happened.  Regret is a useless human emotion.  In the words of Roman philosopher Seneca, “Don’t stumble over something behind you.”

2.  Leap into Action – Deer in headlights freeze, only to meet the front of a 90mph semi truck.  The same applies to people.  When dealt with a setback, you need to get off the canvas and get moving.  No matter how small, a focused plan of action is a powerful antidote to nearly every obstacle.

3.  Put Points on the Board – While your grand vision may take time, land some early wins and celebrate each step forward, you’ll quickly get into an upbeat groove and that momentum will propel you to new heights.

4.  Get Creative – We all have enormous creative capacity; even those grumpy curmudgeons who think otherwise.  Schedule at least 30 minutes each week to imagine, reflect, and explore the possibilities.  You’ll discover fresh approaches while putting the spring back in your step.

5.  Change Your Rhythm – We all fall into habits and patterns.  To change your life, change your routines.  Start by adding a small dose of positive behavior on regularly scheduled basis.  Your energy and confidence will grow tenfold in a matter of weeks.

No matter how low we’ve fallen – as individuals or as a community – we have the opportunity to rise from the ashes. We are the Rocky Balboa of cities, fighting for life and glory.  Let the criticism of others fuel your fire, and use the weapons of grit and determination to prove those finger-pointers wrong.

In the famous Austin Powers movie, the ‘international man of mystery’ realized that his mojo couldn’t be taken away by others.  It was inside him all along, and the same is true for each of us.

No more sulking.  It’s time to come out of the corner and prove to the doubters that Detroit ranks number one in Mojo Per Capita.   Start by regaining your inner edge, and the external stuff will take care of itself.

Yeah Baby!