What A Difference A Day Makes

For more than 200 episodes since 2001, special agent Jack Bauer captivated the world as the series “24” unfolded in “real-time.”

Each 24-episode season covered only a single day of Bauer (actor Kiefer Sutherland) daring greatly to save the world. While these mythical days were unrealistic, they drew us in as we contemplated the impact that could be achieved in just 24 hours.

The 24-hour day is the great equalizer. Gandhi, Jobs and Mozart all had the identical 24 hours to work with. Big-shot, fancy country club members have the exact same number of daily minutes as starving artists, aspiring college students, and community activists looking to make a difference.

Jack Bauer

To fight through the never-ending challenges and to seize your full potential, it’s critical to take control of the clock. Each of us is responsible for the choices we make and how we leverage (or squander) every precious moment. It’s easy to fall victim to life’s temptations and distractions. We can become overwhelmed with negative news, job pressures, barking bosses, demanding kids and endless responsibilities. Free moments can easily be consumed with gossip, gorging on poisonous fast food, or mind-numbing intoxicants. On the other hand, each 24-hour period can be viewed as a blank canvas for creative expression; an opportunity for your to paint your own masterpiece.

Consider taking a 24-hour challenge. Pushing your boundaries for just a single day can unlock a world of possibility, creating optimism, energy, and hope. Here are a few 24-hour challenges to consider:

Clean Your Mind Challenge — For 24 hours, consume zero negativity. Turn off the news, avoid complainers and fuel your brain with positive information and opportunity. Cleanse out the fear, negativity, conflicts and junk thinking for just a day. Only allow in fresh ideas and information that will inspire.

Fresh Body Challenge — You’re probably heard of juice cleansing, but you don’t need to go that far. Take 24 hours and consume only healthy food and beverages. Cut out the fried, sugary junk that is so tempting and accessible, replacing it with whole foods that drive health and vitality. My guess, you’ll want to continue.

Possibility Challenge — Instead of being heads-down in your daily work, take a day to be only heads up. Imagine the possibilities, push your creative limits, and think about what can-be instead of just what is. Reject nothing, consider everything and let your imagination soar.

Bauer managed to prevent the end of civilization. In your case, I bet you’ll unlock something that’s powerful and invigorating of your own. Give it a shot … see what you can do with laser focus for a single day. It may just be your springboard to lasting transformation.