Three Little Big Ideas

(1) PLAN Z

The great majority of us live our lives playing it pretty safe. Then to be even safer, we craft and scrutinize and ruminate over our Plan B’s – that game plan for what we’ll do if everything goes wrong. Flipping that around, why not also craft a Plan Z? Your Plan Z is what you’ll do if everything goes right. It’s your vision if you knew you were destined to win; your ideal approach when you’re hitting your full potential and fulfilling your calling. Keep the Plan B if you choose, but don’t starve your Plan Z when that, in fact, could be your most productive and fulfilling plan of all.

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We’ve all experienced Déjà vu – the feeling that we lived through the present situation before. Flipping that upside down, consider embracing Vu Déjà – the concept of viewing a situation you’ve experienced many times but viewing it as if it were your first. Taking a fresh look at existing patterns, habits, processes, approaches, and routines can help you discover something entirely new in what’s usually commonplace.

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Parents, teachers, and bosses are exceptionally skilled at catching people in the act of doing something wrong. Instead of seeking out those hand-in-the-cookie-jar moments, make a concerted effort to catch people in the act of doing something right. Acknowledge when a team member delivers exceptional work product. Cheer for the colleague who finds a creative way to boost sales. Celebrate your fellow citizen who bends down to pick up a gum wrapper on the street. We’re already mastered catching people in the act of doing wrong… now it’s time to catch people in the act of goodness, humanity, compassion, and progress.

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