Blimp Worthy

If you happen to be at a live sporting event and notice the iconic Goodyear Blimp flying overhead, you know that the game you’re watching matters. The blimp doesn’t fly over mediocre games played by mediocre teams. Instead, it soars exclusively over those driven to perform at the highest levels, focusing on teams and individuals that push themselves to enjoy the rarified air of champions.

Flying over important events since 1925, the Goodyear blimp is a symbol of achievement at the highest levels. The company not only celebrates sporting events, but its own people who strive for business greatness. Goodyear leaders challenge team members to be “Blimp Worthy.” At a recent conference for their dealers, a sign proudly stated their position:

“Goodyear bestows the designation of “BLIMP WORTHY” to individuals, teams, and groups for demonstrating the hard work, determination, and grit required to rise up to a critical challenge.”

This is a powerful message for all of us in business. Yes, it takes more exertion and hustle to become Blimp Worthy, but there’s a geometric return on that extra effort. To take your existing game from average to Blimp-level may require just a 10% work boost, yet generate a 100% or even 1000% leap in results. It takes hard work to get on the field in the first place, so it only makes sense to elevate your approach and output in order to seize a disproportionate portion of the rewards.

If we simply mail it in and through the motions to collect a paycheck, we not only run the risk of falling short but also we put ourselves in grave danger of wallowing in future regret. Now is the time to commit to Blimp Worthy performance in our companies, careers, and communities.

The next time you send an email, submit a report, make a sales call, visit a client, write the next line of code, or answer a customer call, push yourself to deliver a Blimp Worthy performance. When we refuse to accept anything less, we enter the field of champions. Before long, you won’t need a flying zeppelin overhead to signal the difference between average and legendary performance.