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The Pumpkin Cut

Each Halloween we all rush to the pumpkin patch, pick out the best one we can find, and eagerly carve that beauty as soon as we can. And we always do it the same way. We cut the lid off the top, scoop out the filling (making a huge mess), and burn ourselves as we […]

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As kids, we go out to “play”. Later in life, we “play” sports, or “play” music. But then, in sharp contrast, we leave our homes each day and go to “work”. The term implies doing uninspired, often boring and generally yucky things. Parallels of going to the dentist, waiting in line at the DMV, or […]

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Flying the Plane

We use complex models, historical data, and buzzwords such as “Key Performance Indicators” or “Balanced Scorecards”. Like dashboard instruments these tools are great, but not the one-and-only factor in creating success. We hire team members for their judgment and creativity, but often relegate them to merely following systems mechanically. How often as a consumer have […]

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“I have an IDEA” vs. “I have a CONCERN”

In meetings, what do you suppose the ratio is at your company today between these two phrases? What do you think the ratio was five years ago? What is the ratio at Google? Facebook? Comcast? It really got me thinking about where we are applying our talents. Are we applying our energies to controls, risk […]

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Welcome to the Creativity Generation

The Creativity Generation seeks to close the gap between the arts and business to help members maximize their creative potential. We’re on a mission to make the world a more creative planet by providing powerful, fun, and practical techniques that push people from all walks of life to jumpstart their creative energies. Join the movement, […]

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