Innovation Blockers and Myths

Cutting-edge research from Harvard University
proves that all human beings are creative

In fact, 85% of creativity is learned behavior, which means that even on our worst days, we all have at least 85% the creative capacity as Mozart, DaVinci, or Picasso. We are hard-wired to be creative; it is our natural state. Yet instead of developing these critical skills as we age, we tend to move away from our creative roots.

Natural talent, therefore, is not the biggest blocker of creativity and innovation. Instead, the biggest obstacle is fear. Fear is that poisonous force that robs us of our most innovative ideas. By understanding the barriers of innovation, we’re able to cultivate the skills of creative thinking and direct that imagination in productive ways.

Josh Linkner has invested over two decades in research, practical application of innovation, and becoming an industry-leading, innovation keynote speaker. His three books on the topic have been critically acclaimed and published in 14 languages around the globe. Today, he’s a go-to source for inspiration for CEOs and senior leaders of the most innovative companies in business. He regularly delivers energizing and actionable keynotes to audiences around the world.

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Let’s commit to unshackling our imagination, bust through the myths and barriers, and unlock the incredibly powerful, natural, free, and renewable resource of human creativity. Innovation drives growth, sustainable success, and meaningful results more than any other asset. So let’s seize it!