Your upcoming event is critically important, and as a marketer you are expected to deliver with flair and style. The success of your event will be accomplished by selecting the ideal keynote speaker, someone who can relate to your marketing audience while also bringing a fresh perspective. A proven marketer, entrepreneur, and bestselling author, Josh Linkner will help you drive meaningful outcomes with his extensive experience and unique perspective in the field of marketing.

Josh Linkner has the depth and experience not only to energize your marketing audience, but also to drive real results through his two-decade history as a marketing expert. As the founder and 11-year CEO of ePrize, the dominant interactive promotion agency, he is the pioneer of the digital promotions space. Winning dozens of awards in marketing and advertising, his groundbreaking work ushered an old-school industry into a new era. He has been a trusted advisor to dozens of global CMOs and has delivered excellence for seventy-four of the top one hundred brands. Major brands such as Coca-Cola, P&G, Nike, Microsoft, Verizon, Ford, and Delta have relied on his creativity and insights since the dawn of the Internet. Josh has been at the forefront of the most profound changes in marketing over the last twenty years, beginning with cutting edge web design and evolving through social media, digital promotions, permission-marketing, mobile marketing, and big data. In addition to direct work with brands, he’s also advised and partnered with sixteen of the top twenty agencies.

As a bestselling author, Josh Linkner has been published extensively on fresh approaches to marketing and brand management. Here are just a few of his notable articles in the field:

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Delivering a fun and memorable experience for your audience is only half the battle. In these highly competitive times, with new forms of marketing threatening established approaches, you need a speaker that can offer specific strategies to drive real results. Here are some focus areas Josh has delivered for other marketing organizations and events:

  • Leveraging gamification to motivate specific consumer behavior
  • Deploying innovative approaches to marketing to maximize competitive differentiation and stand out from the pack
  • Harnessing marketing trends – from programmatic to big data, from mobile to social
  • Uncovering creative and unexpected ways to build your brand
  • Using the science of creative psychology to craft more compelling and persuasive brand stories
  • Understanding buyer behavior, and using innovative strategies to boost trail, purchase, and loyalty

With extensive, personal, and direct experience as a leading marketer, there is no better choice for a keynote for your upcoming marketing or advertising event. Linkner’s deep knowledge of the trends and best practices combined with an intimate understanding of marketing and agency culture makes him the ideal keynote speaker for your event.



With 20+ years as an active CEO, he’s a proven business leader with deep real-world experience. Audiences will relate to Josh’s substance and depth.


Josh’s talks are interactive, fast-moving, and entertaining. Your audience will be fully engaged and leaning forward.


As a five-time tech entrepreneur, professional-level jazz musician, venture capitalist, and rebuilder of his hometown of Detroit, Josh brings a fresh and compelling perspective.


Your audience will leave with meaningful tools, frameworks, and techniques that can be immediately applied to real-world challenges.


Josh’s enthusiasm consistently inspires audiences. Guests will depart fired up, energized, and ready to reach new heights.


You won’t see bullet point lists or text-heavy screens with Josh. Instead, audiences are dazzled with high-resolution photography, energizing HD video clips, memorable props, and gorgeous visual transitions.


Concepts are delivered through rich storytelling — not boring professorial directives. Emotionally-charged stories help the audience retain key points while enjoying a highly entertaining experience.


No outrageous demands. No diva-like requests. Instead, Josh is professional, accommodating, and easy to work with at every step.


Instead of a ‘canned’ speech, Josh takes the time to learn about your organization, audience, and key objectives. His presentation will be on-point, relevant, and customized to your specific needs.


Josh will make every minute count. Your audience will be moved and inspired while gaining practical tools to improve their performance. He will do whatever it takes to ensure your event is a roaring success.