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What Your Kids Can Teach You About Leadership That Your Boss Cannot

When we think of leadership, we often gravitate toward lessons learned from our bosses (past and present). Generally this practice makes a tremendous amount of sense — longstanding success and a pattern of winning matter. However, by narrowing our focus to only learn from the tenured few, we miss out on many other lessons to […]

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Walk The Walk

“Our greatest strength is our people,” the CEO boldly proclaims at an all-company meeting. “We treat each other with respect and our culture enables creativity.” These encouraging sound bites are rendered impotent, however, when that same CEO barks orders and scolds her staff in that afternoon’s leadership meeting. Most leaders know what to say. They […]

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Sherpa Leadership: 5 Powerful Lessons

If you set out to climb Mt. Everest, one of the first things you do is hire a Sherpa.  Originally an ethnic group in Nepal, today a “Sherpa” is the common term used for the leader of a mountain climbing expedition.  In business terms, you are hiring a CEO to help you get to the […]

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