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A Winning Secret from Chess Grand Master

Rook to f5. Checkmate. How is it that some routinely smoke their opponents in a game where both sides have the identical force, there’s no luck of the draw, and the entire playing field is out in the open? While there are many cliché life lessons from the game of chess, there’s an often-overlooked concept […]

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How Burger King ‘Forked’ McDonald’s

“Good morning McDonald’s.  We come in peace. We’d like to propose a one-off collaboration between Burger King and McDonald’s to create something special — something that gets the world talking about Peace Day. The McWhopper.” The savvy folks at Burger King took out full page ads in the NY Times and Chicago Tribune, running an […]

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Choose How You Respond

We all get provoked.  An angry associate; a cranky customer; a snarling spouse.  In these cases, the primitive part of our brain designed to protect us in the wild kicks in and our autonomic response is to recklessly fire back.  We lash out, hit below the belt, and respond with uncontrollable emotion. That’s where the […]

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