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The 5×5 Decision Model

You’ve got a tough decision to make, yet conflicting interests and perspectives can render you frozen from taking decisive action. We’ve all been there. Having observed how the most successful people evaluate their options and then make a thoughtful decision, here’s a framework that may be helpful when you’re trying to make a choice in […]

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How Small Choices Help You Conquer Big Temptation

When Darth Vader tried to persuade young Luke Skywalker to join the dark side, it wasn’t a very compelling proposition. Who wants to wear a creepy outfit, talk weird, and live like a monster? If the dark side were that unappealing, it would be easy to say no. But that’s not what modern-day darkness looks […]

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The Unconventional Alternative

Most business (and life) decisions come down to a multiple choice question. Should we launch Product A or Product B? Should we expand to Cleveland or Dallas? Should we choose ad campaign 1, 2, or 3? This is where 99% of the world stops, selections an option, and goes on to spend countless hours justifying […]

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