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Forget Resolutions. Try This Instead

Each January, millions of people resolve to a slew of lofty commitments. We resolve to save more, eat less, improve our relationships, and hit the gym. The idealistic goals span from fitness to career; family to community. Yet the vast majority of these well-intentioned targets are abandoned early, only to be revived for a short […]

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The 5 Obsessions of Innovators

In our turbulent business climate, we all seek new pathways to growth and success. Yes, winning can be elusive in these times of dizzying speed and ruthless competition. Companies like Tesla, Amazon, Netflix and JetBlue soar while their respective counterparts – Oldsmobile, Borders Books, Blockbuster, and PanAm – are merely tombstones in the business graveyard. […]

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This past Thursday, Alphabet (Google’s parent company) conducted their quarterly earnings call. The company’s ability to grow and basically print money wasn’t unexpected at all, since they deliver exceptional performance with stunning regularity.  What drew controversy was the amount of money the company lost in the quarter on moonshots, projects that could be game changers […]

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