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The Dude-Bro Conundrum

I have the good fortune of delivering keynote speeches at over 100 corporate events per year. They range from a few hundred to many thousands of people in attendance, often with elaborate staging, lights, and production value. Hours before taking the stage, an AV tech check occurs where all audio and visual elements are plugged […]

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Never Trust a Squeaky Clean Mechanic

As you hand the keys to your baby (also known as your precious car) over to the immaculate mechanic, your heart sinks. You recoil as you see the starched white shirt, the manicured hands, and the neatly pressed pants. While he’s a poster-child for effective grooming habits, you worry if he really possesses the hands-on […]

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Wow Fewer Customers Instead of Trying to Please Them All

When Greg Koch and Steve Wagner founded Stone Brewing, they could have ended up like thousands of start-up failures. They could have launched a me-too product and tried to compete head to head with the industry leaders. Instead, they decided to stick it to the man. Their beer was unapologetically different. It was bold and […]

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