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Are You a Firebrand?

We all come across two types of companies (and individuals) in our lives. First there are those that blend in with the others, swim in a sea of sameness, and personify mediocrity. They don’t like to stand out, prefer the safety of the masses, and seek out a profit (or a living). And then there […]

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Making it ‘Grape’ Again

Avery’s Beverages – a company founded in a red Connecticut barn over 100 years ago – was struggling. When Sherman Avery started making handcrafted soda back in 1904, he wasn’t facing the crushing competitive pressure of industry giants like Coca-Cola and Pepsi. The root beer and ginger ale he made didn’t need a celebrity endorsement […]

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Innovation out of Thin Air

Excited to arrive in Hong Kong, your enthusiasm quickly wanes. Your eyes and lungs burn from the smog, as air pollution levels have reached record highs in this cosmopolitan city. The dense haze lingers in the air as children crave to see a rare blue sky. First looking for fresh ways to market their goods, […]

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