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What Business Leaders Can Learn from 100-Year-Olds in Okinawa

The Japanese island of Okinawa boasts the highest life expectancy, and the greatest concentration of centenarians (people who live to 100), in the world. Their culture, rituals, diet, and environment have been the subject of extensive study as researchers try to crack the code of longer, healthier life. When questioned why their people are vastly […]

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Hacking Innovation

Hackers are a global fascination, with cybercrime representing our single biggest threat to national security. Their exploits are front-page news, and may have impacted the outcome of our recent election. But putting their sinister motives aside, the dark, underworld of hackers contains some of the most creative minds on the planet. What if hacking approaches could […]

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The Red Zone

As football teams chase championship glory in their post-season battles, they practice diligently to deliver peak performance.  Coaches help players break the game down into specific components, developing strategies for offense and defense, the ground game and the passing game, kickoffs and returns. When a team arrives within striking distance of the goal line, traditional […]

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